How To Make A Guy Nervous

Expert Strategies: How To Make A Guy Nervous and Empowered

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Wanna learn How To Make A Guy Nervous and have him all flustered? Dive into our guide for sneaky tricks like mixed signals, intense eye contact, playful teasing, and subtle body language cues that’ll have him sweating bullets and second-guessing himself!

Get ready to shake up his confidence like a pro!

How To Make A Guy Nervous and Empowered

Alrighty, listen up! When it comes to shaking up a guy’s confidence, you gotta play it smooth and keep him guessing.

We are about to dish out some killer strategies that’ll have him feeling the heat and begging for more. So buckle up and get ready to learn how to make him sweat bullets!

Shower Him With Compliments

Let’s be real – who doesn’t bask in the glow of a well-placed compliment? When you pepper him with praise that hits close to heart, it can send those butterflies into overdrive.

Whether it’s for his sense of humor or his fashion choices, watch as your words rake up the nerves and make him wonder what made you take notice.

Genuine interest

Show him you care with your words. Tell him what makes him special in your eyes. Maybe it’s his smile, the way he helps others, or just his cool style. Let these compliments come from the heart to make them feel real.

He’ll notice you’re paying attention and might get a happy kind of nervous.

Say thanks for the little things he does. If he holds a door, shares a joke, or sends a good morning text, let him know you appreciate it. This can make him wonder what else he could do to keep making you smile.


After you’ve caught his attention with your sincere interest, let admiration do its work. Tell him what you respect about him.

Maybe it’s how he tells funny jokes or the way he plays guitar. Highlighting these qualities can also make a guy nervous, as it puts a spotlight on his talents and character.

Men often feel nervous when someone notices their talents. Your compliments can give him butterflies, especially if they come as a surprise during your chat.

Point out something great he did recently, like helping a friend or acing a tough project at work. It shows that you’re paying attention to what matters to him.

This could make a guy nervous in a playful way because it makes him wonder what else you’ve noticed about him and might make him want to impress you even more!


Showing gratitude does more than just make him feel appreciated. It can also catch a guy off guard and stir up his emotions. Say thank you for the little things he does, even if it’s something as simple as opening a door or sharing a laugh with you.

Make sure your thanks seem true and heartfelt – guys can tell when you’re sincere.

This small gesture will surprise him because not everyone takes time to express true gratitude, and it’s an effective way to show you’re interested without being too obvious about it.

Plus, feeling valued is likely to make him nervous about what delightful act of kindness you’ll notice next!

Play Hard To Get

Play Hard To Get

It’s all about striking a balance — too available, and the spark fades; play your cards just right, and watch his anticipation build.. want to know how? Keep reading.

Creates intrigue

Playing hard to get can really make a guy wonder. He starts thinking about you more when he can’t figure you out. It’s like a game where the less you show, the more interested he becomes.

A simple move like not always being available can turn things around. Answer texts late or change plans last minute – this adds some mystery.

Get him guessing by sharing little and holding back details; let his imagination do the work. He’ll be drawn into trying to learn more about you, which keeps him coming back for hints and clues.

Keep up the intrigue before moving on to your next play—surprising him in ways he’d never expect!

Adds mystery

Creating a sense of intrigue is just the start. When you add mystery to your interactions, it keeps him guessing about your thoughts and feelings. Instead of laying everything out for him, hold back some details.

This makes him wonder what’s going on in your mind, which can make him nervous around you. It’s like having secret cards that only you know how to play; he’ll be eager to figure them out, but this puzzle can shake his confidence!

Be unpredictable with small things—maybe text him less one day and more the next or mix up the kind of dates you suggest. This unpredictability adds an element of surprise to your relationship dynamic.

When he can’t predict what’s coming next, it ignites curiosity and a touch of anxiety because he cares about staying connected with you.

Increases attractiveness to make a guy nervous

Playing hard to get not only adds a layer of mystery but also makes you more attractive. Guys often want what seems just out of reach. So, if you’re a bit elusive, it can make him work harder for your attention.

That chase can be exciting! It shows that you value yourself and are not just waiting around for him.

Showing confidence and independence is super attractive too. When he sees you’re not always available or quickly won over, he’ll think highly of you.

This way, playfully teasing or taking control of the conversation can draw him in even more—and maybe even make his heart race a little!

Surprise Him

Surprise Him

Catch him off guard with the unexpected — your spontaneous side can be utterly disarming. It’s about those moments that interrupt his routine, prompting a flutter of nerves and excitement.

Unexpected actions

Surprise him with things he didn’t see coming. You could send a funny meme that makes him laugh, or share a secret talent of yours out of the blue. Guys can get nervous when they’re not sure what to expect next.

Keep him guessing and excited to hear from you by mixing up your usual text conversations.

Plan surprises like showing up with his favorite snack, or initiating plans when he least expects it. If you’re usually shy, be bold once in a while—make eye contact and speak your mind during conversations.

Throw unexpected questions into your chats to see how he handles it; this keeps the vibe fresh and engaging!

Throwing curveballs

Unexpected actions keep him guessing, and so do curveballs. Try doing things he wouldn’t expect from you. Maybe text him out of the blue with a funny joke or a cute picture that doesn’t need an answer right away.

This can make him feel like he’s got to stay on his toes around you, eager to see what you’ll share next.

Mix up your routine a bit—choose a different place for your next hangout, or suggest an activity you’ve never done together before. It shows you’re full of surprises and keeps the excitement alive.

Plus, it’s fun for both of you to step outside the usual and try new things! Keep him on his toes by changing plans last minute sometimes; this creates mystery and makes every moment with you fresh and unexpected.

But always stay kind – making someone uncomfortable is unhealthy, so navigate this playfully and with care.

Keeping him on his toes

Throwing curveballs is one way, but keeping him guessing takes it to the next level. Surprise him with your actions and words. Plan something he’d never expect, like a spontaneous trip or a quirky date night.

These surprises make him wonder what’s coming next.

Stay unpredictable in conversations too. Switch topics, share exciting news out of the blue, or challenge his opinions gently.

This keeps things fresh between you two and makes sure he stays curious about you and what you’ll do or say next!

Conclusion : How To Make A Guy Nervous And Conscious 

So, you’ve got the secrets on how to rattle his confidence and make a guy nervous. Remember, balance is key – it’s all about making him curious and intrigued while still being kind.

Show him you’re interested with your words, body language, and little surprises. Play some hard-to-get games but keep it fun! And most importantly – be yourself. That’s what will really grab his attention!

how To make a guy nervous love poem

And To End It With A Poem On How To Make A Guy Nervous❤️

To make a guy nervous, a craft so fine,
“Relatable” tactics, as advised online.
DatingAdvice whispers, a secret brew,
A concoction of feelings, old and new.

“Way to make a guy,” ponder with a smirk,
Is not through silence, but the art of flirt.
Invoke those feelings, stir a gentle fuss,
“How to make him nervous?” Let’s discuss.

It’s essential, dear, to maintain the play,
Don’t rely on words alone to sway.
Flirting’s an art, with a hint of jest,
Open-ended questions put to the test.

“Don’t always be direct,” the sages sing,
A balance of assertiveness, let it ring.
Make him ponder, make him guess,
In that uncertainty, he’ll confess.

Around men, nervous? Flip the script instead,
Make “many men” wish they were in his stead.
Honeybunny says, with a giggle so sweet,
To make him uncomfortable, yet discreet.

Affection, mutual respect, trust at the core,
Makes the heart flutter, wanting more.
Art of making him feel, a dance so divine,
Yet in this game, let your kindness shine.

So here’s to the girls, with a twinkle in their eye,
May your ventures in love, make spirits fly.
With a laugh, a tease, and a heart so sunny,
Remember, the goal is not just to be funny.

But to find that balance, where respect and love meet,
Where nervousness turns to affection, oh so sweet.
For in the end, it’s about mutual delight,
In this dance of love, where everything’s just right.

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