Why is my boyfriend always on his phone

Cracking the 5 Codes| Why is My Boyfriend Always On His Phone

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Why is my boyfriend always on his phone when I am around him, even though I am waiting for him to give me some quality time? It’s quite depressing actually.

But you know, I have found some interesting facts you need to know or you will always be suspicious of what your boyfriend is doing on his phone.

Without further ado, buckle up girls some great facts are going to catch your eyes below.

The Reasons Behind Your Boyfriend’s Constant Phone Use

why is my boyfriend always on his phone has a number of reasons behind it.
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If your boyfriend is often on the phone, it might cause you to feel uneasy and anxious about the relationship.

This is a result of his not having enough time to spend with you and not showing you the love and care you so desperately need.

Your partner might be using his phone excessively for a variety of reasons. Among these explanations are the following ones:

1. He is Talking to Someone else

The first thing that comes into my mind when my boyfriend is always on his phone is he is talking to someone else.

Most women are built that way.

But just because your guy is usually on the phone doesn’t mean he’s chatting to other people. He could occasionally be aimlessly going through his phone.

Therefore, you should search for more signs that your boyfriend is talking to someone else if you believe that the reason he is always on his phone is because he is doing so.

  • He turns the screen of his phone away from you.
  • When you are present, he always puts his phone face down.
  • He diverts his calls from yours.
  • When you question him about his phone usage, he gives off a dirty vibe.
  • He keeps his phone too close to his chest.
  • When you ask him who he is messaging, he becomes defensive.
  • You are never allowed to handle his phone.
  • When his phone didn’t have a password, he set one.
  • He stops talking on the phone if you walk in on him.
  • He’s clicking more pictures now.

You have every reason to be concerned if he is hiding something from you, as proved by his shady behaviour or his delayed response when you ask him any question regarding his phone.

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2. He is a serious workaholic.

Many people frequently use their phones for business purposes. This will be the case particularly if your partner requires constant communication with his supervisor or coworkers.

If your boyfriend has just launched a business or is a freelancer, there is another scenario in which he may be using his phone a lot for work. He will have to communicate with clients regularly.

Yeah, this is a valid reason to answer my question, “why is my boyfriend always on his phone”.

Normally, your boyfriend might work so hard that he doesn’t merely strive to catch up with you in his spare time. In addition, he’ll be attempting to make up with all of his loved ones. Again, to a certain extent, you do need to comprehend this.

Getting involved in his profession or business might be another way to try to counteract the amount of time your boyfriend spends on the phone.

To lessen the amount of time he has to spend on his phone or online, you might offer to assist with sharing the virtual load. Because you would be collaborating, this will not only benefit him but also possibly strengthen your relationship.

3. He has an addiction to his phone.

Why is my boyfiend always on his phone is because he is addicted to it.
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Well, sometimes I think my boyfriend is addicted to his phone. I am not delusional but yeah most of the girls think the same.

It could appear like a positive thing if you observe them idly browsing social media or playing games since it’s a safe activity. Even yet, it may still be hurtful if their attention is diverted from you to something unimportant.

He struggles to complete his job and home assignments; if your partner is always using his smartphone and leaving things undone, it might be a sign of a phone addiction.

He is cut off from his friends and family because someone dependent on their phone for social interaction would prioritize their virtual connections above their in-person ones. Therefore, your guy can be hooked to his phone if he ignores his relationships and spends all of his time on it.

He suffers from FOMO, or the fear of missing out. If your partner is always checking his phone out of a compulsive need to know what his pals are up to on the internet, he may be struggling with an addiction.

If your partner has anxiety even for brief periods when he forgets his phone at home, it may be a sign of a phone addiction.

Phone Addiction is not a good sign, it can be harmful to your relationship. Phone addiction can lead your boyfriend to some bad activities like cybersex, gambling and so much more.

4. He is Getting Bored

Why is my biyfriend always on his phone may be beacuse he is bored.
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I have noticed so many times, that when boys go to gatherings where they are hesitant to talk, take their phones out and get lost in them.

When we’re not doing anything else, we’re used to spending all of our time on our phones. Thus, if your guy isn’t bored, he could be on his phone all the time.

So there might be a high chance that your boyfriend is watching a movie, some funny videos make sure it’s not porn, or reading a book. Good Nerd Boys do that!

5. He wants to look busy

If your boyfriend wants to look busy, he can be on his phone all the time.

For instance, your partner can be using his phone to appear busy when you go somewhere together.

We avoid chatting with people when they are on their phones. In an attempt to appear busy and avoid interacting with those around him, your partner could be on his phone all the time.

I admit that I’m guilty of this; when I go somewhere, I usually use my phone to seem busy and avoid making eye contact or engaging in conversation with other unknown people. It is a perfect act.

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What should you do about the problem?

Solve your relationship problems with patience and therapy.
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Well, now you know the reasons or the facts that answer your question perfectly, “Why is my boyfriend always on his phone”. You might be thinking about how to get over these problems.

Let’s discuss the solutions to know your boyfriend’s mobile usage pattern and eventually find out if he’s cheating on you or if he is just bored.

1. Talking to your boyfriend should be your priority.

Tell him of your feelings over his excessive use of his phone. He may become aware of how much his actions are hurting you if you are honest with him and tell him how much anguish they are giving you.

It is advisable not to make accusations against anyone. Therefore, express to him how he makes you feel rather than what he is doing incorrectly. He is your guy after all, and he ought to want the best for you.

Second, you could schedule phone-free periods throughout the day. Discuss when you both spend the most time on your phones when you sit down together.

Many people check their phones as soon as they wake up. For some people, it might be that they use their phones excessively when out to eat.

Lastly, there are a few apps you can use on your phone to ensure that you are using them for shorter periods. For instance, you can now put time limitations on apps for iPhones so that they close after a predetermined period.

You may set a challenge with your boyfriend to see who can use their phone the least in a week. He won’t feel as though you are assaulting him if you frame it as a competition.

Try to limit the amount of time you spend on your phone as well as balance the amount of time you spend on it.

2. Look for Therapy

It might be beneficial if you sought professional assistance if you have attempted to talk to your boyfriend but he is still always on his phone.

You can better comprehend the root reason for your boyfriend’s constant phone use if you work with a therapist.

A therapist can assist your lover in curbing his addiction to his phone and provide him with strategies to help him kick the habit.

A specialist will also offer you the resources you need to encourage your partner and aid in his recovery.

He will be able to form relationships with people outside of his virtual network with the aid of therapy. Just be ready for some withdrawal symptoms when your boyfriend leaves his phone time like:

He could go through certain withdrawal symptoms, such as

  • Bad temper.
  • Temptation.
  • Sleep-related issues.
  • Difficulty focusing.

3. Consider the last option-break up

It could be time to break up with him if you’ve done everything and he still can’t stop using his phone, which is negatively impacting your relationship.

It could be time to terminate things with your lover if he spends all of his time on his phone, either pornographically watching videos or chatting with other women.

There’s no turning back from your partner cheating on you over the phone. You could find it difficult to forgive someone if they are emotionally or physically cheating on you.

It is preferable to walk away from a relationship if you feel wounded and unloved and find tranquillity elsewhere.

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Consider the last option-break up when all you have tried everything.
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Conclusion|Why Is My Boyfriend Always On His Phone?

For a variety of reasons, such as socializing or phone addiction, your boyfriend can be always on his phone.

Instead of assuming your boyfriend is cheating on you, you could ask him why he spends so much time on his phone.

You should discuss your feelings with your boyfriend when you’ve found the reason behind his constant phone use. It would be ideal if you also urged him to put down his phone; you may even look for expert assistance to assist him in doing so.

It is best to end the relationship and find love somewhere where someone will respect you and your feelings if the reason he is constantly on his phone is because he is cheating on you.

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