How To Make Him Obsessed With You

How To Make Him Obsessed With You: 15 Genuine Tips

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Ladies, have you ever wanted a man to think about you constantly? To not be able to get you out of his mind even for a second? Well, making a man obsessed with you is not impossible. It does require some effort from your side to arouse his interest and attraction.

A deeply rooted obsession is formed when a man finds a woman extremely interesting and intriguing.

Today, I will share some potent tips that can help stir a man’s emotions and make him long for your company.

The best way to make someone obsessed is by paying little attention at first, giving intriguing but unsatisfying responses, engaging in deep talks while avoiding oversharing, smiling and making eye contact without being overly available, responding sometimes but not always to keep them wanting more of your time, and letting them do small favors without demanding much in return. This builds intrigue, a challenge, and slowly cultivates their growing interest and desire to get closer.

15 Tips to make a man obsessed with you

The psychology behind getting a man obsessed involves triggering certain behaviors and thought patterns in his brain. By creating curiosity, challenge, and intermittent reinforcement, you activate the reward centers of his mind and strengthen dopamine pathways associated with desire and attachment.

Maintaining an intriguing level of availability keeps him chasing after you for more, while also feeling a sense of accomplishment when you reciprocate attention. Over time, this conditioning reinforces obsessive tendencies as he develops an emotional investment and cognitive bias toward you. The following tips leverage this psychology by employing subtle techniques to gradually cultivate captivation.

1. Smile and make eye contact from a distance.

When you first see him, give a friendly smile and hold eye contact for a few seconds before looking away. This lets him know you notice him but doesn’t come on too strong. It leaves an impression and sparks curiosity about you without being overbearing. The next time you see him, smile again but don’t approach. This subtle expression of interest keeps him wondering about you from across the room.

As days pass, smile a little longer each time while also chatting with other people. This builds intrigue as he doesn’t know your exact feelings yet. The eye contact and grins signal you think he’s nice but also that you aren’t desperate for his attention. He will start seeking ways to find out more about you.

2. Talk but keep responses short to leave him wanting more.

When talking with him, keep replies to his questions or statements relatively brief but friendly. For example, if he asks about your weekend, give a short summary instead of exhaustively detailing everything.

Let him know basic information while also leaving some mystery unresolved. This leaves him wanting to learn more details by continuing the conversation.

As the interaction progresses, you can slowly increase response length but don’t reveal your whole life story in one sitting.

Keeping answers succinct sustains his interest and motivation to engage you again soon hoping for additional disclosure next time.

3. Say nice things about what you like about him.

When getting to know him better by talking, say kind words to good things you notice. For example, if he’s smart, comment on a wise thing he shared.

If he’s athletic, acknowledge an impressive thing he did. If he seems nice, point out how he helped a friend. Real nice words that aren’t too big help him feel seen and liked for virtues that likely matter most to him. This boosts his confidence in a way that makes him want to keep seeking your nice words. It also shows you recognize parts valuable to who he is as a person beyond looks.

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4. Act a tiny bit jealous if he talks to other girls.

If you’re all together and he talks or pays attention to another girl, let small signs of upset show on your face or body for a quick moment before normal again.

A tiny frown, eyebrow up, or shoulder shrug can mean you’re not fully happy to see him focused elsewhere. This creates the feeling you may be making real feelings for him. It sparks territorial wants that motivate him to earn more of your alone time moving forward. Keep any reactions very small to avoid seeming too needy or upset.

5. Touch him when you talk, like on the arm.

Touch him when you talk, like on the arm-how to make man obsessed with you
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When having a conversation with him, find little ways to lightly touch him like on his arm. This could be a brief squeeze when laughing at a joke or gently touching his forearm to emphasize a point.

Physical contact in a respectful way sends signals you feel comfortable with him. It also builds intimacy and positive association with your presence. Just be careful not to overdo touching or make him uncomfortable. Small, casual brushes help raise his attraction if done sparingly and naturally as part of talking.

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6. Don’t share too much about yourself at first.

In early interactions, give basic info but avoid overwhelming with personal details upfront. Keep some mystery about your past, dreams, and inner thoughts private for now.

Disclosing little by little over time in response to demonstrated care and listening on his part prolongs the discovery process. This maintains curiosities better than revealing your whole story immediately. He will want to learn more each day as familiarity increases, rather than having all the facts all at once from the start.

7. Answer calls and texts sometimes, but not always.

If he calls or messages you, respond periodically but not to every one right away. Taking a little while to reply back keeps him guessing about your availabilities and interest level. This intermittent rewarding of attention functions like a variable ratio schedule, strengthening his motivation to contact you again in hopes of a timelier response.

Be careful to not take too long that he loses interest, but occasional delays maintain an exciting unpredictability.

8. Flirt and have fun, then talk to other people too.

When interacting with him, engage in friendly flirting and light jokes to signal interest and enjoy each other’s company.

However, also make an effort to broaden conversations and include others nearby from time to time instead of fixating solely on him. This strikes a balance between indicating interest while also appearing socially well-adjusted and not clingy or dependent. It further enhances allure by not always being directly available right when he wants your attention.

9. Ask about things he likes to do.

When talking with him, inquire sincerely about his hobbies, passions or areas of expertise. For example, if he mentions enjoying a certain sport, ask follow up questions about how long he’s played, if he follows any professional teams, or interesting moments from past games.

Convey genuine interest in learning more details that give you insight into his interests and what brings him joy.

Showing care about the specifics of what motivates and entertains him helps him feel truly understood beyond surface level discussions. It also gives future opportunities to reference back to your conversations and particulars you learned, demonstrating invested listening and memory of what’s important to him.

10. Let him open doors and pull out chairs for you.

If you are out together, allow him small chances to enact gentlemanly behaviors. For instance, if entering a building, halt your step beside the door and give a subtle nod or gesture inviting him ahead of you.

When sitting for a meal, stand near but not quite at the table until he steps ahead to draw out your seat.

Graciously thank him with a smile for these courtesies. Observable actions where he can perform chivalrous gestures stimulate hardwired instincts to feel helpful and needed. It also conveys you appreciate and enjoy traditionally masculine qualities of care, protection and provision without demanding or expecting such treatment.

11. Compliment his character or values without coming on too strong.

Notically altruistic, generous or principled things he says or does and provide honest praise related to character rather than appearance. For example if he defends someone being bullied, acknowledges the courage it took to stand up for what’s right. Or if he gives money to a charity, appreciates the compassion for helping important causes.

Compliments about noble qualities reveal you find virtues of benevolence and standing up for equality admirable.

Focusing on inward qualities vs outward ones like looks or gifts maintains plausible deniability that you desire a deeper connection. It shows interest in the long term potential if a caring, ethical person without creeping him out with immediacy.

12. Thank him in a sincere yet flirty manner if he does small favors.

If he assists with minor tasks like carrying something heavy or providing a ride when needed, express authentic gratitude for the helping hand.

Convey appreciation with warm intonation and an appreciative smile that mixes politeness with a subtle hint of captivation. For instance say “thanks so much for the lift, you’re a life saver” lightly touching his shoulder. Or when passing back a shared item murmur “you’re the best, what would I do without you”. Nuanced gratefulness leaves it up to his imagination if interest in him as a friend stops there.

13. Smile big with your eyes too when you see him.

When making initial eye contact from across the room, allow a wide grin to extend beyond just your lips to include sparkling eyes. Folding extra crinkles at the outer corners of your eyes makes smiles more detectable and evidently heartfelt.

Research shows genuine whole-face smiles are unconsciously perceived as more candid expressions of delight. Rather than a formal close-lipped smile, a welcoming all-over smile communicates true pleasure at setting sights on him once more. It hints at an even deeper affection beneath surface-level friendliness. Over time, preferential whole-face smiles just for him when spotting each other help cement favored status.

14. Pay attention to signs if he seems to want or need space.

While striving for connection, leave room for his autonomy too. Notice shortened responses, one word answers or glances elsewhere as possible indications he feels crowded or pressured. Rather than taking it personally if interaction seems less animated than before, back off politely to respect boundaries. For example, pause initiating texts for a day to let him come to you in his own time if needing a break.

Caring consideration of his capacity shows maturity, strengthening trust that you respect him as an individual rather than objectifying for selfish purposes.

15. Talk about meaningful topics to build intimacy gradually.

Talk about meaningful topics to build intimacy gradually.- to make him obsessed with you
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Rather than superficial chit-chat, share thoughts on subjects both find genuinely thought-provoking like current events, books, movies, life dreams etc.

Ask open-ended questions that can’t be answered in one word and really get to know his perspectives. As comfort increases over subsequent meetings, guide conversation into more personal realms like values, family background, goals and feelings.

Self-disclose authentically in return to cultivate true understanding. Meaningful exchange of ideas taps into human desires for purpose and connection in a slow-burn way that cultivates emotional and intellectual intimacy if expressed sincerely through active listening.

16. Compliment his mind or character, not just looks.

Notice insightful comments he offers in discussion and point out his intelligence in a straightforward yet flattering manner. If he shows compassion, acknowledge his kindness. Praise that affirms qualities within his control, not out of it, helps him feel appreciated for dedication and virtues.

Overly focused compliments about physical traits he was born with can come across as superficial. Compliments regarding efforts, talents and beliefs he has autonomy over resonate more deeply and demonstrate you value the person, not just the packaging. It fosters a mental and emotional bond built on admiration.

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Conclusion: How To Make Him Obsessed With You

If you want a man to be obsessed with you, using some of these tips could help. Smiling at him from a distance and keeping talks interesting will make him curious.

Showing small jealous feelings and answering his calls sometimes but not always keeps him guessing. Asking about his likes and letting him do little things for you taps into his natural wants to please you.

Saying real compliments about who he is as a person instead of just looks builds good feelings. Talking about meaningful things and smiling big with your eyes when you see him develops feelings.

Paying attention so you respect his own time also makes trust. Following these kinds of tricks may cause him to start really liking you a lot and wanting to learn everything about you. He will become very hooked on getting your attention and impressing you over time.

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