Signs Your Ex Wants you Back

15 Subtle Signs Your Ex Wants you Back

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Breakups can be brutal. One minute you’re planning your future together, the next you’re staring at a phone screen wondering what went wrong. And let’s be honest, even after the dust settles, a part of you might still wonder: does my ex even miss me?

The truth is, there can be all sorts of confusing signals after a split. Maybe they keep liking your social media posts, or maybe they “accidentally” bump into you at your favorite coffee shop. Perhaps they text you out of the blue, reminiscing about good times or even apologizing for their mistakes. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin!

So, how do you decipher these mixed messages? Buckle up, because we’re about to dive into 15 key signs that might just mean your ex wants you back.

15 subtle signs your ex wants you back

Even after things end, your ex might start acting strange. Does this mean they want you back? Maybe! It’s not always clear, but certain behaviors can be clues. Maybe your ex is just pretending to be over you, but reality is different. Here are 15 signs that might just reveal if your ex is secretly missing you and hoping to rekindle the flame.

1. Your Ex Keeps Texting You

This might seem obvious, but a sudden increase in texts or calls from your ex can be a sign they’re thinking about you. Are they initiating conversations frequently, checking in on your day, or sharing random thoughts? This consistent communication could be their way of staying connected and potentially gauging your interest in reconnecting.

However, consider the context. Frequent texting could also be a sign of lingering friendship or simply boredom on their end. Think about the overall tone and content of their messages. Are they flirty or emotionally charged? If so, that might be a stronger indicator of romantic interest.

2. Your Ex Stalks Your Social Media

Does your ex seem to have a front-row seat to your online life? Liking or commenting on all your posts, or even viewing your stories religiously, could be their way of staying in the loop about what you’re up to. It might also be a subtle attempt to remind you of their presence and spark a conversation.

But be cautious! Social media stalking doesn’t always translate to wanting you back. They could simply be curious or nosy about your life after the breakup. Consider if their online activity is accompanied by other signs on this list for a clearer picture.

3. Your Ex Brings Up Old Memories

Do conversations with your ex suddenly feel like a trip down memory lane? If they frequently reminisce about good times you shared, funny inside jokes, or past adventures, it could be a sign they miss those experiences and maybe even miss you. Reminiscing can be a way of rekindling positive feelings and testing the waters to see if you feel the same nostalgia.

But there’s another possibility. Sometimes, people bring up old memories simply to be friendly or even to make you jealous. Think about the context of their reminiscing. Do they seem genuinely happy about the memories, or are they tinged with a hint of sadness or longing? If it feels more sentimental than playful, it might be a sign they’re hoping to rekindle the spark.

4. Your Ex “Accidentally” Bumps Into You

Running into your ex at your favorite coffee shop or bumping into them on your usual walking route might feel like a coincidence. But if these “accidental” encounters happen a little too frequently, it could be their way of trying to reconnect in person. Maybe they strategically frequent places they know you go, hoping for a chance interaction.

Of course, there’s always a chance it really is a coincidence. But if these encounters are accompanied by lingering eye contact, awkward attempts at conversation, or even excuses to extend the interaction, it might be more than just a random bump-in. Pay attention to their body language and overall demeanor – are they nervous, excited, or simply polite? This can offer clues about their true intentions behind the “accidental” encounter.

5. Your Ex Gets Jealous of Your New Relationship

Social media can be a breeding ground for mixed signals, especially after a breakup. If your ex seems to go out of their way to “like” or comment on posts from someone you’re dating, or subtly throws shade at your new relationship, it could be a sign of jealousy. This jealousy might stem from lingering feelings or a bruised ego, suggesting they haven’t fully moved on.

However, be careful not to jump to conclusions. Public displays of jealousy can also be manipulative tactics. Maybe your ex wants to stir the pot or make you feel conflicted about your new relationship. Consider their overall behavior. Do they seem genuinely happy for you, or do they make passive-aggressive remarks? Genuine jealousy often comes with a mix of sadness and anger, while manipulation might be more calculated and aimed at controlling your emotions.

6. Your Ex Wants to Be Friends (But Acts Flirtatious)

Sometimes, after a breakup, an ex might suggest staying friends. This can be a genuine attempt to maintain a connection, or it could be a way to keep you close while they figure out their feelings. However, if their “friendship” comes with a side of flirting or suggestive comments, it might be a sign they want more than just platonic interaction.

Pay attention to the red flags. Do they compliment your appearance a little too often? Do their jokes have a double meaning? Do they try to initiate physical contact like lingering hugs or playful touches? These flirtatious behaviors, combined with a desire to stay friends, could indicate they’re hoping to win you back without fully committing to a relationship again. It’s important to be clear on your boundaries and whether you’re comfortable with this type of “friendship.”

7. Your Ex Asks You for Help or Advice

Maybe your ex reaches out for your help with a problem or seeks your advice on a decision. While this could be a genuine request for support from someone they trust, it could also be a sneaky way to reconnect and rekindle a sense of closeness.

Consider the type of help they need. Is it something a friend could easily handle, or is it something that feels a bit more personal? If they’re seeking your perspective on a relationship issue or something that reminds them of your past dynamic, it might be a sign they value your opinion and miss having you in their life.

However, there’s another possibility. They might simply be taking advantage of your past relationship and hoping you’ll be willing to help them out of obligation. Think about their overall behavior. Do they seem genuinely grateful for your assistance, or do they take it for granted? If the help feels more like a manipulation tactic than a genuine request, it’s best to proceed with caution.

8. Your Ex Mentions They’ve Changed

Your Ex Mentions They've Changed-your ex wants you back
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After a breakup, some people use it as an opportunity for self-improvement. If your ex mentions they’ve been working on themselves, addressing issues that may have contributed to the relationship’s demise, it could be a sign they’re hoping for a second chance.

But don’t get swept away by their words. Actions speak louder than words! Have you genuinely observed positive changes in their behavior? Do they acknowledge their past mistakes and take responsibility for their actions? True change takes time and consistent effort. If their claims of self-improvement seem sudden or unsubstantiated, it’s wise to wait and see if their actions align with their words before getting your hopes up.

9. Your Ex Brags About Their Life

Does your ex seem to go out of their way to share their accomplishments and positive life updates? Maybe they landed a new job, took a fantastic vacation, or achieved a personal goal. While they might genuinely want to keep you informed, this newfound bragging could also be a way to impress you and subtly show you they’re thriving without you.

But consider the context. Are they simply sharing exciting news with someone they used to care about? Or does their bragging feel excessive and almost boastful? If their updates seem to be one-upping you or painting an unrealistically perfect picture of their life, it might be a sign they’re insecure or trying to downplay any potential regret about the breakup.

10. Your Ex Makes Sure You Know They’re Single

If your ex takes every opportunity to mention their single status, it could be their way of sending a not-so-subtle message that they’re available for romance. They might casually drop hints about being on dating apps or express disinterest in seeing anyone new.

However, be cautious! Sometimes, people announce their singledom to manipulate your feelings or gauge your interest in getting back together. Consider their overall behavior. Do they seem genuinely happy being single, or do they appear lonely or constantly seeking validation? A genuine desire for reconciliation might involve more direct communication, while manipulation often relies on vague hints and emotional ploys.

11. Your Ex Apologizes for Past Mistakes

A sincere apology for past mistakes can be a powerful sign of remorse and a potential desire to rebuild trust. If your ex acknowledges their wrongdoings, takes responsibility for their actions, and expresses genuine regret, it could indicate a willingness to work things out.

But be wary of empty apologies. A true apology goes beyond words. Does your ex demonstrate a genuine understanding of how their actions hurt you? Have they taken concrete steps to address the issues that led to the breakup? If their apology feels hollow or lacks a plan for moving forward, it might be more about alleviating their own guilt than a sincere attempt to win you back.

12. Your Ex Texts or Calls You Late at Night

Late-night texts or calls can be a breeding ground for vulnerability and emotional confessions. If your ex frequently reaches out after dark, it could be a sign they’re thinking about you more intensely when inhibitions are lowered.

However, consider the content of their late-night messages. Are they deep and meaningful conversations, or are they filled with drunken ramblings or suggestive innuendo? Late-night communication can be a sign of genuine longing, but it can also be a sign of loneliness or boredom seeking temporary fulfillment. Pay attention to the tone and content of their messages to get a clearer picture of their intentions.

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13. Your Ex Still Has Your Belongings

Have you requested the return of your belongings, but your ex remains inexplicably hesitant to part with them? Holding onto your possessions could be a physical reminder of you and the relationship. It might be a way for them to feel close to you, even after the breakup.

But there’s another possibility. They might simply be lazy or disorganized and haven’t gotten around to returning them yet. Consider the context. Do they offer excuses for holding onto your things, or do they seem genuinely apologetic about the delay? If they’re putting off returning your belongings and seem hesitant to let go, it could be a sign they’re not fully ready to move on.

14. Your Ex Asks Your Friends About You

Does it seem like your ex is keeping tabs on you through your friends? If they casually inquire about your life or subtly try to gather information about your relationship status, it could indicate they’re still interested in you.

However, be cautious about jumping to conclusions. Maybe they genuinely care about your well-being and want to stay friendly with your social circle. Consider the nature of their questions and the overall context of your relationship with your ex. Are they being overly inquisitive or prying into your personal life? Genuine concern for a friend might involve more direct communication with you, while a desire to rekindle a romance might involve more indirect methods of staying informed.

15. Your Ex Copies Your Social Media or Activities

Have you noticed your ex mysteriously liking the same things you do on social media, or suddenly taking up hobbies or activities you mentioned enjoying? This mirroring behavior could be a subconscious attempt to reconnect with you on a deeper level.

But be careful not to overthink it. Maybe they genuinely like the things you like, or perhaps it’s just a coincidence. Consider the overall pattern. Is this mirroring a one-time occurrence, or is it a consistent trend? If it seems like they’re actively trying to mimic your interests or online activity, it could be a sign they’re hoping to spark a conversation or remind you of the things you had in common.

Signs your ex wants you back but won’t admit it

Sometimes, your ex might still have feelings for you but be hesitant to admit it directly. This can lead to confusing behavior. They might disappear from your life or avoid talking about their true feelings. Here are some reasons why your ex might keep their desire for you under wraps, and some sneaky signs they might still be hoping for a reunion:

  • Your ex starts posting mysterious messages or quotes about love, second chances, or lost connections. While these posts might not directly mention you, they could be a veiled attempt to express their feelings publicly and see if you pick up on the hidden message. Maybe they’re hoping you’ll notice and reach out.
  • During chance encounters, your ex seems flustered or exhibits nervous energy. Maybe they avoid eye contact or make awkward attempts at conversation. This nervousness could be a sign they still have strong feelings for you, but are struggling to express them openly. Maybe they’re worried about rejection or don’t know how to approach you.
  • Certain topics from your relationship seem conveniently forgotten during conversations. They might avoid mentioning the breakup itself, good times you shared, or anything that evokes emotional vulnerability. This “selective amnesia” could be a way of protecting themselves from getting overwhelmed by their true feelings for you. They might be afraid of reigniting old arguments or emotional baggage.

What to do after knowing your ex wants you back

What to do after knowing your ex wants you back
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So, you’ve identified some signs that your ex might be harboring a desire to rekindle the romance. Now what? This can be a confusing time, filled with a mix of emotions. Before making any decisions, it’s crucial to take a step back and consider a few key things.

First and foremost, evaluate your own feelings. Do you still have romantic feelings for your ex? Has enough time passed for you to heal from the emotional wounds of the breakup? Most importantly, are you truly open to the possibility of getting back together, or are you motivated by loneliness or a fear of being alone?

Next, reflect on the reasons for the breakup. What led to the end of the relationship in the first place? Have those issues been addressed or resolved? Are you confident that getting back together won’t simply lead you back down the same path?

Carefully analyze your ex’s efforts as well. Are their actions genuine attempts at reconciliation, or do they feel manipulative? Have they demonstrated lasting changes or personal growth that address the problems that caused the breakup? Do their words align with their actions, or is there a significant disconnect?

Throughout this process, prioritize your well-being. Don’t be pressured into getting back together for the wrong reasons. Is rekindling the romance something you truly want, or are you motivated by external factors? Will getting back together truly align with your goals and emotional well-being in the long run?


Breakups can be messy, and your ex’s behavior might leave you wondering if they miss you. While some signs, like frequent texts or “accidental” encounters, could hint at a desire to reconnect, it’s important to look at the bigger picture.

Consider the context of your relationship and the breakup itself. Are their actions genuine attempts to win you back, or are they manipulative tactics? Most importantly, prioritize your own feelings and well-being. Do you truly want to get back together, or are you motivated by loneliness?

If you’re unsure, take time to reflect, talk to trusted people, and set boundaries if needed. Ultimately, open and honest communication is key. Reconciliation is a big decision – make sure it aligns with your goals and happiness.

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