what do guys think of their female friends

10 Secrets | What Do Guys Think Of Their Female Friends?

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The question, “What do guys think of their female friends?” is quite an interesting one. Is he attracted to them, or does he not see things like that at all? Is he fighting the temptation to gratify them, or is he keeping them in the friend zone?

If you’re a girl with a guy friend, you may also be concerned about their opinions of you. Do they have a platonic friendly connection or do they hold romantic feelings for you? Do they hang out with you because they genuinely support you, or are they trying to get close to you in the future?

Top 10 Secrets Men Think About Their Female Friends

The interaction between male and female relationships may be challenging and intricate. Men and women can never be “just friends,” despite what some people think, as many men have close female friends that they cherish. However, how do men feel about their female friends?

There are a lot of questions that arise in every girl’s mind. Even if this blog highlights just a few of the most sensible things men believe about their female friends, it’s important to realize that these things may or may not work to your advantage. Everything relies on the man in question.

1. He finds Her attractive

In one way or another, guys find females beautiful; for some, it’s a physical attraction, for others, it’s an emotional one. On the other side, you don’t have to desire to be with someone just because they are attractive. Not every person you find attractive is someone you want more than just a friendship with, especially as a woman.

Most of the time, admiring someone’s beauty is more important than feeling attracted to them. Although he might not think of his female friend that way, your guy might find her appealing. His thoughts may be limited to a platonic friendship with her.

He will probably meet other lovely girls as well, and he will probably decide to put more of an emphasis on developing friendships than on physical attractiveness. The only reason a man would act on his attraction to a woman he knows is if he is a disloyal person.

If not, it would be best if you didn’t become upset about the fact that he finds his female friends beautiful because it is a common thing; men will always find women appealing; what counts is how they choose to respond to that attraction.

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2. He is clueless about his feelings

What do guys think of their female friends is that they are clueless about their feelings.
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Many females have friends who are guys they’ve never had a connection with. Men also have friends who are women, but they are not drawn to them. A guy can be friends with a woman without developing romantic feelings for her. The fact is, he could not have any idea that there might be an attraction at all.

Even if the circumstance may make you uneasy, the friendship may not be in danger. Even though his female friend is gorgeous, your partner might not think the same of her.

This is one of the main reasons for not being overly pessimistic about your boyfriend’s relationships with other women.

Your boyfriend can feel uncomfortable if you ask the incorrect questions out of suspicion. Remain optimistic about everything if your partner hasn’t shown you any cause to question his commitment to you.

3. There’s a past between them

Remember the saying folks, a girl and boy can never be just friends!

There is always an enigmatic tension or past between friends who are men and women. It is quite probable that there was a situation-ship that was not entirely clear before a platonic relationship was formed.

In certain situations, you might see that if one person hadn’t become engaged with someone else, a relationship would have happened. In other situations, one person most certainly had greater feelings at one point.

Recognize that there is likely a history between your man and the woman he is friendly with, even if it isn’t very significant. This realization will protect you in the future in case you learn anything.

Before you entered the picture, there may have been tension or a situation-ship, but it’s likely that he no longer gives it any thought.

Guys are constantly aware of their past relationships with the women in their lives, but it is their responsibility to keep those relationships from impacting their current ones.

Guys have feelings for female frirnds when they have a history with them.
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4. They have a secret guilty pleasure

Every guy has a guilty pleasure they keep hidden and knows their male pals wouldn’t approve of. This may be watching a girlie show or getting a pedicure. Because of this, most males would turn to their female friends to communicate that aspect of themselves.

Guys know they can count on their female pals to assist when needed. This is why they think of them. They can always rely on their female friends for advice on dating, fashion, and other topics (that their male friends would never think of).

It is well known that women are more gregarious and encouraging with guys. Because of this, some men and women would rather hang out with people of the other sex when they can provide each other with good support.

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5. She’s honest to him

It may be argued that guys are drawn to women as friends mostly because they trust their honesty. There is greater transparency in male-female friendships than in single-gender relationships, that much is certain.

Most men are aware that when it comes to some matters, women are more sincere than their male friends. Similarly, most women are aware that males are generally more sincere about some issues than their female friends.

Having a friend of the opposite gender gives you a more insightful perspective on things. Trust me on this!

It enhances your ability to engage with others by enabling you to view things from two perspectives. You might develop closer interactions in addition to being able to comprehend why individuals act in certain ways.

A guy would rather talk to a woman about relationship problems regarding women as he knows that she would be able to connect to the situation more readily.

6. He has fantasies about her

He has fantasies about her
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Though uncommon, fantasies by men regarding their female friends happen. If a young boy may dream of his babysitter and female celebrities, he may dream of his female friend as well.

One thing that most people are unable to control is their fantasies about someone. It may happen in a relationship either way, regardless of your level of attraction to the other person.

Try not to take it too seriously if you learn that your boyfriend had a strange dream about a woman he met. This shouldn’t be a problem until he acts on those fantasies—not before.

7. She is a turn-on for him!

She is a turn-on for him
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It’s in a man’s nature to find women attractive. In general, men have little control over this and are readily aroused, even when it isn’t their intention. This implies that a man may find his female friend stimulating.

He may become excited if she is wearing attractive/sexy clothing, but having sexual feelings for someone doesn’t always mean acting on those feelings.

Being able to handle situations well requires discipline and self-control. It shouldn’t make you feel uneasy to know that your boyfriend’s female buddy has the power to turn him on.

But you should have confidence in his ability to manage things. You shouldn’t be concerned if his female friend isn’t consciously attempting to turn him on.

You should never forget that other factors will eventually still make him feel attracted to you. Not only will other people stimulate you, but your boyfriend will also.

8. Gender doesn’t count, sometimes

Guys always have a purpose for their friendships with women. It’s possible that they grew up in the same area or became friends because of a shared interest or experience. Regardless of gender, this might be the basis for their peaceful connection.

As a result, it’s essential to consider this when trying to understand what a guy thinks of his friend. He may be more interested in her personality, rather than her gender.

He could also be more focused on the experiences they’ve had, and would possibly have, rather than the common friendly relationships men and women could have.

As such, it’s crucial to consider this while trying to find out what a guy thinks of his friend. Maybe her personality would pique his interest more than her gender.

Besides, he could be more intrigued by their experiences than by the usual friendly exchanges between individuals.

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9. He adores Her

People can be friends and yet like each other. Because they would want to establish a solid, amicable connection before disclosing their feelings, many males are close to ladies. Before telling them how they feel, they also aim to win them over.

This idea could work to your advantage. See, if you’re a girl who is interested in your male friend but you’re not sure how he feels about you. A man can have a strong attraction for his close buddy. In actuality, he could like you but be unsure of how to express it.

Therefore, rather than jeopardizing his prospects of developing a deep relationship with you, he would prefer to maintain a platonic, friendly relationship.

Guys adore their female friends
Image Credit: Pexels.com

10. His thoughts change

There are examples when the minds of men and women function completely differently. Women and men might be platonic friends, but they would never consider having a sexual relationship. But occasionally, a man’s thoughts might wander uncontrollably. A man can be friends with a woman and have sexual ideas about her.

His thoughts might nevertheless tell him that she is a woman even when he isn’t attracted to her or has any strong sexual desire for her. Even if the majority of guys don’t respond to their thoughts, that doesn’t mean the ideas don’t exist.

Before they can communicate wants for a person, women react to feelings and experiences. Contrarily, men are affected by what they witness.

Generally speaking, it’s important to understand that a man’s perception of women might fluctuate. It can happen, of course, he is a guy!!! But this idea does not imply that he is motivated to act on those feelings.

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Conclusion: What do Guys think of their female friends

Regarding his friendship with his female pals, don’t worry too much. Some guys have best friends in women, and you never know who they could wind up becoming. It is not harmful to seek clarification if you believe there is a problem in your friendship with a certain female friend.

Keep in mind that men and women have relatively different perspectives. Men may regard their female companions as little more than pals. They could have a platonic connection with them even though they think them appealing.


Do men find their female friends attractive?

It depends on different conditions, but guys sometimes find themselves drawn to their female friends. It can be something seasonal that comes and goes, or it might be something he has to hide his feelings from. In some cases, he might not be attracted at all.

Is it possible for a man to be friends with an attractive woman?

To get close to the woman they are interested in, many men pose as friendly relationships. While some men lack the bravery to approach them in this way, many would rather develop a close bond with them and perhaps even win them over.

Can a man and a woman be best friends without being romantically involved?

If a man and a woman decide to put more emphasis on their nice friendship than on their gender, they can be best friends without falling in love. This would undoubtedly keep them from falling in love.

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