Why do I attract guys with mommy issues

Why Do I Attract Guys With Mommy Issues?

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One question always lingers in my mind whenever I get into a relationship: “Why do I attract guys with mommy issues?”

A guy with mommy issues might have experienced emotional or physical abandonment from his mother when he needed affection.

In this blog, I will discuss the alarming reasons why girls tend to attract boys with mommy issues and also discuss the signs on how to spot one. So, let’s uncover some facts, shall we?

Why Do I Attract Guys with Mommy Issues| Alarming Reasons

Are you sick and weary of drawing men that have mommy issues? Why are all the guys you attract with mommy issues? For guys, mommy issues are the worst type of problem.

Trust me, I have dated one guy in my life and he was such a crybaby! Always prying about how he has a terrible past with his mom.

Anyway, yours might be different. Well, there are many reasons behind it.

  • It’s possible that you too struggle to have a good relationship with your mom, and since like gravitates like, you may draw these kinds of men’s attention.
  • However, it’s also possible that you are making a lot of excuses for guys who have mommy problems to get their attention.

Let’s go over some important factors in more depth!

1. You have Mommy Issues too like him

Why I attract guys with mommy issues- One reason is you too have mommy problems!
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The law of attraction states that your feelings and identity are what you will always attract. When you’re having problems with your mom, you constantly feel horrible. You seem to attract other folks who share your sadness.

As said, “Those who are damaged gravitate toward other damaged people.”

You are drawn to broken guys because you have experienced similar trauma, which may be the reason you have been tempted by boys who have mommy issues.

Children might become emotionally unstable when parents offer them all the financial assistance they need but not the emotional care they need.

You should think about whether you love your boyfriend or you’re not ready to be with him if you don’t have any instability or mommy issues.

Keeping a handsome distance from individuals who have mother issues is the greatest approach to avoid them.

In this manner, their negativity won’t affect you and you’ll feel uplifted.

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2. You Empathize with People All the Time

People will draw toward you if you have a nice heart; if you are constantly empathetic, you will attract them.

This kind of habit needs to be broken, or else you will eventually come to detest the pattern.

Those who are decent and innocent tend to think that everyone else is the same, even when this isn’t the case.

In this manner, playing with you is easy for others.

  • Guys who have mommy issues want you to take care of them; in fact, they make you feel special because they want to share in your compassion and you feed their desires by doing things for them.
  • They need something to replace the void in their life, so if you provide it to them, they’ll take advantage of you and begin to injure you physically and psychologically rather than being faithful.
  • When you fall for someone, that’s when their problems become apparent to you; until then, it’s best to be attentive before taking any action.

Everyone should embrace their good nature; there’s nothing wrong with it, but sometimes being kind to others comes at a higher price than you may realize.

3. You Hasten Into Relationships

Your tendency to jump into relationships too quickly is one of the main reasons you frequently draw in men who have mother issues.

  • It’s possible that you don’t even fully know the person you are dating.
  • You will never discover the ideal spouse for yourself if you keep making the same mistakes.
  • You have to find out later on whether a guy has mommy issues, even though you might not realize it at first.
  • Then you have to ask yourself if you do love him.
  • You should be aware of and attentive to his mental health if you are in love with him or are attracted to him.
  • If not, you can go if you haven’t made a sincere commitment to him.

Instead of jumping into a relationship too quickly, it’s better to pick your partner wisely; this will protect you against a guy who has mother issues.

4. You Are a Hopeless Romantic

You may be a hopeless romantic and unrealistic. girl.
Image Credit: Pexels.com

A hopeless romantic believes that love stories are real. Girl if you are a hopeless romantic then you can easily fall for a charming and attractive guy. This can also cause you to fall for a charming guy who has mommy issues!

If such behaviour coincides with yours, guys with mother issues will quickly find you.

Remember that charm is not a sign of excellent character. Putting on some good expressions and a handsome personality allows everyone to achieve their goals. Don’t be a fool and give someone your heart just because they made a romantic gesture.

Because you like romance fiction, you have an unrealistic expectation of a happy conclusion for every situation, regardless of how your partner treats you.

So instead of chasing after lies and fake relationships, choose a guy who genuinely loves you rather than someone who requires your care.

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5. You’re caring by nature.

Men seeking a mother figure to console and uplift them may be drawn to your kind disposition.

Make sure you strike a balance between providing your spouse with nurturing and promoting their independence to prevent this.

6. You are an empathy magnet

Are you a good listener and always listen to your friend’s unresolved issues like their break-up, failure or anything else? If you just raised your hand on this quality then congratulations you are an empathy magnet.

You will unintentionally attract people with issues and try to resolve them or yet listen to them.

With a strong sense of compassion and empathy, you have a one hundred per cent chance of attracting a guy with mommy issues.

Guys with unresolved issues and past experiences want to share them with you. Broken men want girls to take care of them which can be a tough challenge for you.

Well here, I would advise you that you are not a therapist!!! The dynamics of relationships have shifted and are constantly evolving. It’s important to consider boundaries.

Keep in mind that care is mutual.

7. You are very much independent

You are an independent girl ready to handle a broken person
Image Credit: Pexels.com

Your confidence and self-assuredness can be driving factors in attracting you towards guys who have mommy issues.

Of course, these sorts of guys are seeking stability and guidance from girls who are independent and tend to resolve their complexes.

Guys who have felt absent and less privileged in a relationship with their mother find confident girls alluring.

Sometimes you have to consider that they are not doing this deliberately. It is happening in a subconscious phase. So if you feel good with a guy who has mommy issues you need to strike a balance.

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Signs a Guy Has Mommy Issues!

I hope you find the answer to your most asked question ” why do I attract guys with mommy issues” and how you may avoid dating or falling for such guys.

It’s time to talk about some fast ways to tell whether a guy has mother issues so you can avoid them before you commit to anything serious.

He Struggles With Commitment

In general, a guy with mother issues has a difficult time in committed relationships.

However, that does not imply that he won’t desire a fulfilling, long-term partnership. It indicates that he fears being injured when he gets too close to someone.

This is because it’s possible that his mother abandoned him when he was younger and in need of affection, or she was emotionally unavailable.

He’s emotionally distant from you

A guy with mother issues finds it difficult to show emotion in a relationship.

Even if he could be physically there with you, he wouldn’t communicate his emotions to you or let you know what’s going on in his heart.

This allows you to foresee Mommy’s problems before you develop a close bond with him.

He Wants You to Mother Him

A guy with mommy issues wants you to mother him and take care of him.
Image Credit: Pexels.com

There’s no greater indication that a man has mother issues than the fact that he is unable to articulate the reasons for his lack of harmony with his mother.

If a guy is not in a good connection with his mother, it is not a positive indicator.

If he finds it awkward and frustrating to talk about his mother, it just becomes worse.

A man in need of nurturing is seeking companionship to satisfy his inner yearning.

It usually indicates that he needs someone to watch out for his emotional needs.

He keeps comparing you with his mother.

This might relate to appearance, conduct, or even culinary prowess. It’s an obvious indication that he thinks highly of his mother and wants you to meet her expectations.

He may remark something like, “My mom always made the best lasagna,” for instance. Can you make it like her? “You know, my mother never yelled at me.”

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He is constantly looking for acceptance.

Men who struggle with motherhood may want approval from their spouses for every choice they make, regardless of how large or little.

They frequently need confirmation that what they’re doing is correct. For example, he may ask you if he should wear a certain garment or whether the words he used in an email were suitable.

A guy with mommy issues is alwasy looking for constant approval from his partner.
Image Credit: Pexels.com

He is dominating and controlling.

In an attempt to preserve the sense of stability they were denied as children, some men who struggle with motherhood may exhibit excessive control in their relationships.

He could, for instance, set rules on who you hang out with, what you dress, and how you spend your leisure time.

Conclusion- Why I Attract Guys With Mommy Issues.

You can make informed choices as now you are aware of the factors that will answer “why I attract guys with mommy issues”.

You will be able to build a healthier relationship and make better choices than you did in past.

Figuring out your relationship takes time. So girls, take your time and don’t wear your heart on your sleeve.

I may sound fictional to you, but emotionally stable guys exist, just take your time to judge and find the right one to stand beside you!

That’s it, folks.


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